How To Dress Up Like Poison Ivy For Halloween

Posted by Cristiano Toscani on October 30, 2017 in Hair & Beauty |

While some individuals may be aware of Poison Ivy due to Kim Kardashian’s costume several years ago, other comic book fans may know her as the sexiest Batman villain to ever exist. Thus, is there any more of a perfect time to let your inner geek and your sexy self amalgamate than on the spookiest […]

Why Use Mink Lashes?

Posted by Cristiano Toscani on October 23, 2017 in Beauty Services |

There are several types of fake eyelashes, such as, mink lash, faux mink eyelash, sable eyelash, silk eyelash synthetic eyelash and many more. So when you are thinking about eyelash extension, then you need to know among lots of eyelashes which will suit you the most? If you want to go with the trend then […]

Congratulatory Gifts For An Executive

Posted by Cristiano Toscani on October 1, 2017 in Hair & Beauty |

If congratulatory gifts are something you struggle with, fear no more; we have plenty of suggestions that forgo the customary tie and tie pin. These gifts are just general enough that you can find them easily, but specific enough that the recipient will not feel that they have been picked up at random. Think about […]

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