Congratulatory Gifts For An Executive

If congratulatory gifts are something you struggle with, fear no more; we have plenty of suggestions that forgo the customary tie and tie pin. These gifts are just general enough that you can find them easily, but specific enough that the recipient will not feel that they have been picked up at random. Think about the personality of the recipient and choose a gift accordingly. 

Grow Some Facial Hair

Now that facial hair from scruff to handlebars and mutton chops are ‘in’ once again, there is a demand for beard care products in the market. Normal hair conditioner is not good for the sensitive skin of the face, which means that whoever wants smoother fuzz on their cheeks have to be very careful when they use conditioner. Instead they should use products that are specifically designed for them and are safe to be used in proximity to facial skin. This could be a thoughtful and unusual gift for an executive who sports a beard along with their suit.

Spit and Polish

If best beard oil Australia smoothens facial hair, then shoe polish smoothens the shoes. It takes a lot of time to polish shoes by hand until they are glossy, so another good gift for an executive who usually wears shoes is an automated polish brush. There are plenty of models out there that work on battery or electricity. Some polishers have polish in the handle which can be released bit by bit at the press of a button; others are dry and shoe polish have to be applied to the shoe beforehand. Either way, this is a useful gift because it can polish shoes in a matter of seconds on a late day and still help the executive to look his/her best.

Brush Away the Fluff

This is more of a memento or casual gift, but a lint roller or lint brush can be an extremely appropriate gift for someone who spends their life in a suit. Suits have a magical ability of picking up everything from fluff, link and pet hair to crumbs, and other unsanitary messes. One thorough brush every Sunday and a few quick brushes every morning will ensure that the executive looks smart and sharp every day. Most lint brushes are now small enough to slip into a breast pocket or purse, which means that they can take it with them wherever they want.These are just some of the gifts you can give that are both useful and appropriate. Don’t just go the easy route and give them ties or socks. Buy them some skin and hair care products, a power polisher or a clothes brush.