Do Not Give Up Your Hair For Flare!

Hair is one big stand alone statement. Be it glossy, curly, bouncy locks you dream of; or a sleek, chic, shiny mane you always wanted you are one of those millions of beauty conscious individuals who fantasize having near perfect, head turning hair while going out. The celebrities and their high paid stylists have set the bar so high we wake up every day with edgy cuts to try and fresh looks to achieve.But what we often times forget, that all this comes at a price. Frequent use of heat or repeated exposure to chemicals overtime will steal the life off of your beloved locks, leaving them dry, split-ended and lifeless. So if having enviable locks is your goal, here are a few great suggestions for you to keep your mane healthy and lustrous.

Limit washing your hair.

Yes you heard that right! Each and every time we apply shampoo; contrary to what the advertisements say, we are not doing ourselves a favor, instead the Sulphates in the shampoo will strip your scalp off of its naturally occurring sebum. This oily secretion from the sebaceous glands on your scalp is what nourishes your roots and the scalp. The loss of it could lead to a dry scalp resulting in dandruff and other issues. So unless your hair is really dirty, do not wash it unnecessarily.

Stay away from chemicals.

Try going natural as much as possible. Yes I feel you when you say that you want to dye your hair in the latest shade but always remember that darker the shade the more bleach they’ll have to use to make the color pop out. Instead, try permanent hair extensions Sydney for a better shiny results.

Heat is an enemy.

Do you happen to use a flat iron every morning? Or blow dry after every shower? Maybe you like to achieve curls with a curling rod; and this means that you are inflicting heat damage on your hair. If this is the case lace front wigs will be a much better bet. Your hair is made out of a protein named Keratin, and just like every protein at exposure to heat the structure of the protein changes and this change is irreversible. Yes that’s right. The damage stays with you.Apart from topical remedies or care, eating a good amount of greens and proteins is also important. Because just like in everything, true beauty comes from within. Love your hair and it will certainly return the favor.