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How To Dress Up Like Poison Ivy For Halloween

Posted by Cristiano Toscani on October 30, 2017 in Hair & Beauty |

While some individuals may be aware of Poison Ivy due to Kim Kardashian’s costume several years ago, other comic book fans may know her as the sexiest Batman villain to ever exist. Thus, is there any more of a perfect time to let your inner geek and your sexy self amalgamate than on the spookiest day of the year aka Halloween. However, if you are unsure about how to proceed with this article you should look no further because this article will provide a comprehensive guide on the steps one has to embark on in order to look like the sexiest villain at your Halloween party. hair salons willetton

Burning Locks

This is Poison Ivy’s most prominent feature and the feature that many would recognize her by. Therefore, if you wish to be true to the character you may wish to make an appointment with one of the hairdressers Shelley in order to determine how you should go along with this. One option would be to wear a red colored wig whilst the more adventurous option would be to color one’s locks to match her fire red hair.If, one opts to go with the first option they would be able to easily purchase or hire a wig from one of the Halloween stores. But those adventurous souls who picked the second option should first make an appointment at one of the hair salons Canning Vale days before Halloween. This is highly recommended because coloring one’s locks at home using a drug store dye would never lead to a goof outcome. Furthermore, one should also make sure to utilize a large barrel curling iron to obtain those voluptuous curls of poison ivy.

While it is always possible for one to watch a YouTube tutorial on how to achieve Poison Ivy’s makeup one should make sure that to apply cherry red lipstick as her lips are her weapon of choice when it comes to dealing with those individuals who have crossed her.


This is the ultimately the most important feature thus one should make sure to obtain a leotard or a mini dress of a very similar color to Poison Ivy’s outfit. Once, the purchase is made one should then proceed to attach fake leaves on your outfit. But, one should make sure not to cover their entire outfit; instead it should be used sparingly on your clothes. Furthermore, one can also place these leaves around your body to give the impression that these leaves are crawling over your body. With the help of this article one can now be the most authentic and sexiest Poison Ivy this Halloween.

Why Use Mink Lashes?

Posted by Cristiano Toscani on October 23, 2017 in Beauty Services |

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Preparing For Your Future Since Day 1

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How To Face Heart Break?

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If you want your adventure to give your entire face a change, then try getting bangs. Side swept bangs or front fringes both have a way of dramatically changing the shape of your face as well as make you look younger or older. If you are not too keen on chopping off your hair, especially […]

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