How To Find Your Way Through A Sad Spell?

Posted by Cristiano Toscani on September 14, 2017 in Hair & Beauty |

Whether you believe in fate or not, one thing you have to admit to is that both happiness and sadness is part of our lives. Yes, it’s quite true that it has not been divided equally; or that it hasn’t been spread uniformly along our life time. But that is just how it is. And […]

How To Face Heart Break?

Posted by Cristiano Toscani on July 28, 2017 in Hair & Beauty |

If you want your adventure to give your entire face a change, then try getting bangs. Side swept bangs or front fringes both have a way of dramatically changing the shape of your face as well as make you look younger or older. If you are not too keen on chopping off your hair, especially […]

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